Hotmelt Eva Bazlı

Sefox 8000 Series Eva Based Hotmelt Adhesive

Ethyl Vinyl Acetate, in short, this type of adhesives manufactured based on EVA constitute the most common type of adhesive. They are preferred due to their flexibility, optimum drying time, color tone diversity advantages and ease of use and long durability. These types of adhesives, which can be manufactured as filled, have a close relationship, although not directly proportional to the quality filling rate. As the filling rate increases, adhesive density increases, which directly affects the amount of consumption. Since the product types offered without fillers will provide high performance by using less proportions, they are advantageous in the long term compared to filled products.
The biggest reason why EVA based adhesives, which are very intense with their choices, are preferred and used so much, is that they are considered as cost-effective adhesives due to their cost efficiency. In different Bonding applications, the optimum formulation should be specially developed according to the application techniques and the ambient conditions of the end users, especially on the surfaces to be bonded (polarity and surface roughness).
Farklı Yapıştırma uygulamalarında, optimum formülasyon özellikle yapıştırılacak yüzeylere( polarite ve yüzey pürüzlülüğü) uygulama tekniklerine ve son kullanıcıların hizmet veren ortam koşullarına göre özel olarak geliştirilmelidir.

Application techniques: They can be easily applied in one and two ways with the automatic hotmelt machine. Application temperature should be between 150 ° C and max 190 ° C. Care should be taken to ensure that the surfaces to be applied are clean, oil-free and dry.
uygulama sıcaklığı min 150 °C – max 180° C aralığında olmalıdır. Uyugulama yapılacak yüzeylerin temiz, yağsız ve kuru olmasına dikkat etilmelidir.

Application Areas: Sefox adhesives are used for spring mattress industry, bag spring industry, carpet industry filter, printing and strapping applications.

Storage Conditions: Sefox Adhesives can be stored for about 12 months in a cool environment. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Packaging: They are packed as 12 kg / 22 kg blocks or granules in kraft bags.

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Sefox 8000


Eva Bazlı

Sefox 8605


Eva Bazlı

Sefox 8605-1


Eva Bazlı

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