Diaper Industry


Safety and comfort are the key features that every diaper consumer seeks. Parents focus on high quality, which guarantees comfort and tightness for their babies. Sefox Hotmelt includes a group of products for gluing elastic bands and construction in the production of diapers for the hygiene sector.

Sefox Hotmelt products based on rubber, which are preferred in the production of diapers, come to the fore with their elasticity feature as well as many advantages.

Sefox Hotmelt used in the production of Baby Diapers is an elastic glue and multi-purpose glue.

Whether you are retiring, running or sleeping soundly. Our smart adhesives ensure your diapers will react properly to every movement to keep babies dry and comfortable.

In the selection of adhesive, one of the most important parameters of the diaper industry, Sefox Hotmelt shows the desired performance with high quality and strong strength and is used as a diaper glue.

Continuing its production with a team of experts in its field, Sefox recommends that the Hotmelt adhesives be tested first in their production sites as samples and ensures that the best results will be met if the necessary conditions of use are created.

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