Shoe Industry


Bonding solutions for shoes;

Sefox adhesives have been used extensively for the adhesion of various materials in shoe production for years and do not compromise their performance in the industry. Sefox offers ready-to-use adhesive solutions with high bonding strength, with special formulations for the shoe industry.

In shoe manufacturing, leather, artificial leather, leather, artificial leather, sole, upper, upper liner, bonding and textile materials, upper upper, EVA sole and EVA slipper production, bags, belts, leather goods. used.

Sefox adhesives, which never compromise on quality, have taken the leadership trait followed in the market. While the trend brought by Sefox inspired its competitors, it paved the way for an increase in quality throughout the market.

Sefox adhesives give their customers confidence thanks to the high quality raw materials imported from all over the world. In Sefox user firms, the problems caused by the adhesive are reduced to zero and the customer complaints of the user firms in this direction end.

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